Synchronized Formal Metadata Delivery with HTML5

This page contains a HTML5 demo illustrating how timed metadata can be aligned with the video using the HTML5 <track> element. Moreover, the timed metadata is represented in RDF embedded in WebVTT text tracks. WebVTT is a simple line-based file format that is currently in development on the WHATWG and having regard for the native implementation in common browsers with the HTML5 element.

The timed metadata is identified by Media Fragment URIs. Both temporal and spatial fragments are illustrated.

The demo is based on a Javascript emulator for the HTML5 <track> element and a Javascript WebVTT parser, both implemented by Philip Jägenstedt (see also Further, for parsing RDF/Turtle, Kanzaki's Javascript Turtle parser is used. For parsing Media Fragment URIs, the Javascript parser implemented by Thomas Steiner is used (see

The corresponding WebVTT file used in this demo can be downloaded here.

Author: Davy Van Deursen

Multimedia Lab