W3C Media Fragments

Our model-driven media delivery platform aims at being a server-side implementation of the Media Fragments URI 1.0 specification. More specifically, the platform is able to deliver temporal and track fragments by using efficient media segment extraction methods. Moreover, since the platform is independent of underlying media formats, it is also a generic solution to resolve media fragments URIs.

About Media Fragments

The mission of the Media Fragments Working Group, part of W3C's Video in the Web Activity, is to address temporal and spatial media fragments in the Web using Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI). The aim of specifying URI-based media fragment identifiers is to enhance the Web infrastructure for supporting the addressing and retrieval of subparts of time-based Web resources, as well as the automated processing of such subparts for reuse. Example uses are the sharing of such fragment URIs with friends via email, the automated creation of such fragment URIs in a search engine interface, or the annotation of media fragments with RDF. This specification will help make video a first-class citizen of the World Wide Web.

NinSuna W3C Media Fragments demonstrations

Currently, two demos exist demonstrating W3C Media Fragments:

Other W3C Media Fragments URI 1.0 demonstrations

Next to our platform and Media Fragments player, other nice demos in the context of Media Fragments are present as well:


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