NinSuna 2.0

NinSuna 2.0 is here! The main motivation for the development of version 2.0 was to achieve a better performance in all parts of the system (e.g., latency, scalability, ...). Additionally, a number of new features are present such as new media formats and delivery methods. A new media metadata publishing system has been developed as well.

New media formats

The media ingester of NinSuna comes with more support for existing media formats. More specifically, NinSuna takes now as input media formats:

  • MP4: with H.264/AVC and MPEG-4 Visual as video formats; with MP3 and AAC as audio formats
  • WebM: with VP8 as video format and Ogg Vorbis as audio format
  • Ogg: with Ogg Theora as video format and Ogg Vorbis as audio format

New media delivery protocols

NinSuna 2.0 now has a strong integration with the Wowza Media server. Therefore, thanks to this integration, support for RTSP and RTMP streaming is guaranteed. Further, native support for Apple's HTTP Live streaming is provided through an MPEG-2 TS output filter and an M3U8 playlist generator.

Media metadata publishing framework 

Technical metadata is published for each media item that is served through the NinSuna platform. You can browse through the NinSuna content at The technical metadata is published in RDF (both N3 and RDF/XML) and follows the W3C Media Annotations ontology, combined with the NinSuna ontology.


Big thanks to Wim Van Lancker, who developed the core parts of NinSuna 2.0 and much more. Also thanks to Andro and Pedro Debevere for the development of various media format parsers and filters.


new media formats and delivery methods are very good features